What is Cape Aerial Telepresence? Imagine you had the ability to teleport anywhere in the world and then fly around like a superhero. Ok, it might not be quite that sweet, but it gives you the idea.

Practically speaking, what our drone flying software is doing is controlling a drone on your behalf (which can be done anywhere in the world). We provide a super simple software interface and make the drone crash-proof, so all of the stress and difficulty that typically goes with flying a drone is gone. It feels much more like controlling a flying camera than it does flying a drone.

Even more practically speaking, if you’re imagining all the ways you could use this and are curious what’s involved in getting it up and running, all that’s required on-site is a DJI drone, an iPad Pro with internet connectivity and the Cape Operator app, and a person. This person simply needs to turn on the drone, open our app, do a few setup steps, and the drone is ready to be ‘stepped into’ by anyone in the world.