Drone Virtualization

control a flying camera. anywhere in the world.

Enable safe, real time drone and camera control with live HD video over the internet - no matter the distance between online user and drone.

1. Field operator readies DJI drone near area of interest.

2. Online user connects to drone.

3. Online user conducts mission within parameters set by operator.

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iPad Pro with Cape Operator app & 4G LTE hotspot or any 5Mbps upload internet connection required onsite.


How Cape Works


1. Onsite Deployment

Drone readied for launch near area or asset that requires aerial analysis


2. Remote Connection

HQ authority (unlimited distance away) connects to drone


3. Real-time Aerial Awareness

HQ views camera feed in real time, can fly drone without risk of crashing


How Cape is Different

Designed for Enterprise & Government Use

Public safety (police, fire, emergency), security, and asset management professionals use Cape to observe incidents, analyze threats, and identify safety issues without having to leave headquarters. Cape is faster, cheaper, and safer than deploying helicopters or sending decision makers out onsite.

Secure, Safe, Proven Technology

Cape-enabled drones have flown more than 100,000 legal missions around the world with zero incidents thanks to Cape's software safeguards & encrypted peer-to-peer connections.

Easy Setup

Setup is simple & personalized, and Cape is compatible with most drones in use today.

Real-time Control & HD Viewing

Instant information & analysis: military-grade capability at civilian-grade cost.

Fly Anywhere, From Anywhere

Operate drones remotely from your operations center. Personnel can examine multiple areas or assets in different locations from a single device.

Enterprise Operations Management

Manage your fleet, view camera feeds, control drones, and monitor situations from a simple enterprise dashboard.


Frequently Asked Questions

How is that possible if I’m hundreds or thousands of miles away from the drone?

Cape's technology establishes an ultra low latency encrypted peer-to-peer connection between the user and drone over the Internet.

Can I crash the drone?

You can't. Our engineers have built in extremely robust safety features, such as mid-air collision avoidance and advanced geofencing, that makes it impossible for you to crash our drones.

What about lag (aka latency)?

On average users experience 50 milliseconds of control latency, and under 500 milliseconds of video latency.