How it works

It’s simple! When you’re visiting a Cape partner resort, come to one of the runs where we’re operating our service. While you ride, our drones will film you. Our team of professional video editors does all of the editing to make your videos spectacular. It’s like having your own personal film crew! We do all the hard work for you so you can make the most of your precious time with friends and family.
Visit one of our locations on the mountain, check in, and get in your three runs for your video. Our automated drones will film you.
You'll receive your professionally edited video online, ready to be shared with friends and family. You can also download your edited video and all three of your raw clips.
Graphic of snowboarder getting filmed by a drone

Our technology, explained

We’ve programmed our drones to do two things: stay away from obstacles and fly with you as you ride down the slope so that your video looks awesome. When you begin skiing/boarding down the run, the drone assigned to you will take off, follow you down, and film you from the air the entire time.

Graphic of how drones, skiers, and snowboarders are getting filmed while the drone maintains a safe distance from obstacles.
Frequently Asked Questions
How much does the service cost?

It varies from resort to resort, but typically the cost for a Cape video package (2-3 runs with the drone) ranges from $49-$149. If you buy more than one package in a season, we’ll make an extra video at the end of the season that incorporates the best of all of your runs for free!

What do I get when I sign up for Cape?

You do 2-3 runs with the drone, and you receive a 1-1.5 minute professionally edited highlight video that takes the best footage from the runs (# of runs/video length vary at different locations). Our editors incorporate footage from the drones, handheld close-up footage shot by our production assistants at the top of the run, and beautiful landscape footage into your video. If you buy more than one package in a season, we’ll make an extra end-of-season recap video free of charge.

How does the service work for groups?

You can have as many people as you want in your Cape video! The price doesn’t change. Bring along friends and family and as long as you don’t ski too far apart you’ll all show up in the video (and all look awesome).

What are Cape videos like?

We were inspired by the ski movies that we used to watch growing up, which mixed together great action with closeups and landscape shots. That’s why we mix all three of those together in your video, and add things like visual effects, slow-mo, music, and more.

This seems like science fiction. Does it actually work yet?

It sure does ☺ Cape drones have been filming action sports around the world for over a year now. People loved their videos so we decided that this season we would bring it to more places!

Do I need to be a really good skier/boarder to do this?

Nope! We welcome riders of all skill levels and no matter what you do you’ll look awesome in our videos ☺ You can also use our videos to track your progress if you’re a beginner- get filmed at the beginning of the season, and then again later on, and see the difference on camera. We work with a lot of ski instructors on-mountain for exactly this reason.

Are drones safe?

Ours are, most are not. Here’s why: we only use hardware from the very best manufacturers in the world, we have done thousands of flights in the harshest conditions in the world, our custom software keeps the drones away from obstacles, and some of the best drone operators and engineers in the world work at Cape and designed the service for you. Off-the-shelf drones operated by hobbyists are often not safe- that’s why practically all ski resorts have banned them. The biggest problem with them is that they have no ability to avoid obstacles, let alone consistently get good footage.

Could I just buy my own drone and bring it to the ski resort?

Off-the-shelf drones are dangerous and banned at almost all ski resorts. Even if you could bring your own, you’d be stuck carrying it around, charging it, carrying extra batteries, worrying about it flying off or into things, and then you’d have to edit all the video at the end. Plus on top of all that buying your own drone is really expensive! Let us take care of everything for you ☺