Effectively control a flying camera anywhere in the world in real-time


Cape Aerial Telepresence™ provides the ability to effectively control a flying camera anywhere in the world in real-time.

Cape-enabled drones located in the field & controlled by users at operations centers, headquarters, offices, or homes have performed over 100,000 missions around the world with zero incidents. There is no limit on the possible distance between user and drone- whether one, a hundred, or a thousand miles away, you can effectively control a drone and view its camera feed with near-zero latency.

Rather than traveling to the area you want to view or the asset that you want to inspect, you can simply step into the cockpit of a drone already located onsite.

port HUD.png

Cape provides remote, real time aerial visualization for experts.

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Cape’s technology is a force-multiplier for fire departments, public safety, and private security. 

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asset inspection

Cape’s technology enables experts in their field to inspect assets in new ways and in real-time.  

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The agriculture industry utilizes Cape’s technology to enhance productivity and product quality.