Cape Aerial Telepresence™

Cape Aerial Telepresence™ provides the ability to effectively control a flying camera anywhere in the world in real-time.

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Cape-enabled drones located in the field & controlled by users at operations centers, headquarters, offices, or homes have performed over 100,000 missions around the world with zero incidents. There is no limit on the possible distance between user and drone- whether one, a hundred, or a thousand miles away, you can effectively control a drone and view its camera feed with near-zero latency.

Rather than traveling to the area you want to view or the asset that you want to inspect, you can simply step into the cockpit of a drone already located onsite.


cape provides remote, real time aerial visualization for experts.

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asset inspection

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Cape’s technology is a force-multiplier for fire departments, public safety, and private security.  The ability to rapidly deploy an eye-in-the-sky makes safety- related agencies more effective and more safe by adding a perspective never before available.  Users can routinely patrol areas of interest or can respond to incidents on demand.  Experienced experts can respond remotely as needed to aid their colleagues in the field.  All activities and information are secured and stored on the user’s private portal for controlled access only by authorized users.

Asset Inspection

Cape’s technology enables experts in their field to inspect assets in new ways and in real-time.  Experts are being overwhelmed and under-resourced due to the high expectations from automation, analytics, and the Internet of Things (IoT).  Experts are also regularly exposed to high-risk environments as part of their normal activities. Industry experts utilize Cape technology to safely view assets in real time as part of regularly scheduled tasks or for incident response.  Cape technology allows experts to leverage drones as sensors under their control without the complexity of drone flight.  With Cape, experienced experts are readily available through the use of live streams to assist less experienced staff leading to greater efficiency and less errors.


The agriculture industry utilizes Cape’s technology to enhance the productivity of their operations and quality of their products.  Cape radically shortens the learning curve for drone usage and provides the farmer or rancher the flexibility to define and control how drones are used as part of their operation.  With Cape, farmers and ranchers can view their fields or livestock remotely via live streaming for regularly planned activities.  Cape also allows experts to view the live stream from anywhere on the property or around the world to lend their expertise from afar.  With Cape, the ranch or farm owner, be they individual or corporate, have live, remote access to their fields or livestock at any time.