Drone Services, Training, and Regulations

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Cape Aerial Telepresence™

 Regulatory Training/Approvals

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Cape has a team of experts who have been flying drones and helping customers successfully fly drones around the world for years using the latest in drone technology and software including Cape technology.  Our professional services team will work with you to remove the complexity of getting started flying drones for your application.  Cape experts can assist in all phases of the flight prep including: procurement, delivery, assembly, configuration, and initial flight training.  Our experts will also help you configure the Cape DTDM in the way that works best for your team and your application. 

Cape provides training specific to your regulatory domain to ensure compliance and safety for all members of the team including bystanders.  Cape training will take the mystery out of regulatory compliance and enable you and your team to be certified and confident to fly quickly.  We have developed our own curriculum of courses and we have the experts on staff to provide the training and to share their experience.


DJI, Cape's hardware platform of choice and a leading provider of civil and commercial drone hardware, offers at least 25 different models of drones today. They range from half a pound all the way up to 22 pounds with a whole host of different cameras, batteries, mounts, sensors, and other equipment that can make picking the right combination overwhelming. Cape's procurement team specializes in working with customers to determine the right drones, payloads, and equipment packages and have it all delivered directly to the end destination, anywhere in the world, via our supplier partnerships.


Drone systems today are easier to fly than their predecessors but remain complex on the inside. Every drone on the market is comprised of dozens of parts and moving pieces that are integral to safe flight. Cape’s team of drone specialists are experts in assembly and will show you and your staff how to properly assemble all of the equipment for safe and productive drone flight.



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Cape’s expert staff of drone pilots have trained individuals and large groups all over the world on safe practices and producers for drone flight. Cape offers multiple different training courses depending on the client’s experience and desired outcome. Whether you’re already proficient with drones and simply want Cape’s Drone Telepresence and Data Management (DTDM) System integrated into your workflow or if you’re just getting started in the drone world, Cape can provide you the training you’ll need to become a drone professional. Cape also offers “Train the Trainer” programs that will leave your staff in position to train other employees.

Custom Configuration

Cape’s DTDM system is easy to use and provides the end user with the real-time data on which our customers rely. However, every customer is unique with unique needs. This is why the Cape staff will configure your initial set up and with just a few clicks, you become the admin with control over your entire project. Invite team members, set permission levels, add unlimited locations, design custom geofences, all from your web browser.

Quality Assurance

Before a drone is ever delivered to a client, Cape’s procurement team performs a whole litany of tests to ensure the drone is functioning correctly. Cape tests each drone we deliver for structural integrity, connectivity, sensor performance, flight and handling performance in addition to other tests to ensure that the drone delivered to our client is at peak performance.


As part of every Cape training package we included detailed hands-on maintenance training including the very important battery upkeep procedures. The training also include access to Cape’s Maintenance Manuals which gives specific instructions and maintenance procedures for scheduled and preventative maintenance. All Cape customers will also be automatically enrolled to get the latest software updates from our Silicon Valley headquarters.

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End-to-end service, worldwide.

Flying a drone with Cape is simple. So is getting a Cape-enabled drone program off the ground.