In an emergency, the ability to gain visibility and access real-time information can mean the difference between life and death. From quickly launching a drone from the trunk of a squad car to integrating the technology into daily dispatch workflows, with Cape Aerial Intelligence, first responders now have a scalable solution for delivering the aerial intelligence needed to improve real-time situational awareness and response, and ensuring the safety of their teams and communities. 

Improve Real-Time Situational Awareness

Rapidly and easily deploy drones on scene and stream the real-time video to give teams increased situational awareness. With full aerial visibility, teams can make faster, more informed decisions to improve situation outcomes.

Get Expert Eyes on the Scene

Whether on scene or in the command center, quickly get expert eyes on the situation in real-time, with the ability to safely remotely operate drones over secure internet connections. By putting the right expert in control, teams are able to better capture the exact intelligence needed to ensure more precise decision making and improve the safety of responding officers.

Reduce Response Times & Improve Clearance Rates 

Leverage drones as true first responders, integrating the technology into daily emergency response workflows to drive smarter decisions and improve operational efficiencies at every step of the process. With drones playing an active support role in arrests and reducing call response times by 3x, the window of opportunity for would-be criminals is slashed, helping to improve overall community safety.

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Use Cases

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