Preferred Partner Program

The launch of the Cape Preferred Partner Program was driven by a combination of feedback and concerns regarding security from Cape customers, prospects, and partners, as well as the increasing market demand for end-to-end drone solutions that are flexible and can keep up with today's pace of change and innovation. With Cape P3, we're building an ecosystem of trusted hardware and enterprise application providers that -- in combination with Cape Aerial Telepresence software -- will help ensure the security of commercial drone integrations and accelerate wide-scale adoption across industries. 

With the launch of this partner program, Cape will only allow for exclusive integration with hardware and enterprise applications from U.S. companies or companies from countries with intellectual property treaties with the U.S., which currently excludes China. It addresses the increasing security concerns around the use of Chinese-made drones, following the recent warnings from the Department of Homeland Security.


The combination of Skydio’s advanced drone technology and Cape Aerial Telepresence software, the only cloud-based platform for secure remote drone operations, offers companies the highest level of drone data protection, while enabling ease of use and the accessibility of captured footage from existing industry-specific enterprise applications. Now, commercial customers will be able to easily capture 4K quality images and videos autonomously with best-in-class collision avoidance, while remotely operating the drone from any location. With the Silicon Valley startups sharing the same principles on data privacy, security and intellectual property protection, the partnership offers organizations the best possible technology for practical everyday use cases that security-conscious operations teams can count on.

Impossible Aerospace

Impossible Aerospace designs and manufactures high performance unmanned aircraft at its facility in Santa Clara, California. Founded by Spencer Gore in 2016, in 2018 it released the US-1 given the growing concern over privacy and national security issues. Impossible Aerospace has confirmed that every US-1 will be engineered and assembled entirely in the U.S. Private customers and the government alike are actively seeking domestic alternatives to internationally-developed aerospace technology, which drives momentum and demand for the US-1.