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Cape Enhances Commercial Drone Experience and Usage

The commercial and enterprise drone market has the potential to grow even bigger and more effective in day-to-day life. Leading that effort with its latest software updates is Cape Aerial Telepresence. The team at Cape is providing the quality tools needed to make commercial drones effective and efficient for the pilots. Having remote access and control of your aircraft is one thing, but what features really change the game? TechRepublic covers some of the key features included in the Cape software update.

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Chula Vista Police Using Drones to Keep Neighborhoods Safe

It currently takes an officer about six to ten minutes to reach the location of an emergency call in Chula Vista. A drone, however, can get there in half that time, and those crucial few minutes could be the difference in saving a life. KUSI’s Dani Ruberti spoke with the Chula Vista Police Department to talk about how they are using drones to help keep neighborhoods safe.

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