The Power of Live Streaming with Cape Aerial Telepresence™

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By: Alex Weitzel

Live streaming: The ability to broadcast raw, unedited video footage to multiple third parties for viewing in real time. Live video is very appealing to viewers because it makes them feel like they are in the middle of the action and experiencing the content first hand. While it has gained popularity through sporting events and video games, live streaming has also thoroughly improved internal business communications. It saves time and money by bypassing slow communication channels and facilitates the exchange of information, allowing for real-time interaction. Viewers are able to focus on the content of the video instead of how to best communicate and relay the information to other stakeholders. Although live streaming has been around for a few years now, Cape Aerial Telepresence™ has taken it a step further by increasing the scope of what kind of content you can stream to include drone video feeds.

Responders viewing live stream video on the Cape Spectator app

Responders viewing live stream video on the Cape Spectator app

For Cape users, drone live streaming is especially powerful. Not only does Cape’s software allow drone operators to teleoperate the drone from a remote location, but the live video feed from the drone camera can be shared with interested stakeholders anywhere in the world using the Cape Spectator app, an app created for customers interested in viewing live stream video from any mobile device.

Increasing Public Safety

Through live drone surveillance footage, departments can achieve greatly improved situational awareness. This is extremely beneficial in cases that are time sensitive, such as responding to a 911 call. Traditionally, in response to an emergency, officers must stay in constant communication with each other via radio or phone to provide updates on their location, potential suspect actions, orders to follow, etc. Communication can become increasingly difficult when situations get more critical, even though that’s when clear and timely communication are needed most. With Cape’s drone live streaming software, any officer is able to watch a drone’s high quality, low latency video feed straight from their desk, or even from their mobile device while out on patrol, which puts everyone involved on the same page and allows for more informed and communicative teamwork. This enables a highly effective response action, giving the responders a clear understanding of events as they transpire and even allows responders to more accurately predict what will happen next. Saving valuable seconds through real-time communication is crucial to strategic decision making and improving public safety overall.

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Live Streaming and Asset Inspections

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In the case of asset inspection, drone live streaming is an efficient and cost effective way to include multiple interested parties from around the world in a single inspection and increase stakeholder engagement. Typical drone inspections require a drone pilot and subject matter expert (SME) to be on-site. With Cape technology solutions, the SME is the one teleoperating the drone from a remote location, eliminating the need for them to be on site. The live stream function significantly increases the value of this type of inspection. Often times, inspections must be repeated because the person performing the inspection did not capture the necessary data in a way that the SME needs to see it. Instead of relying on one operator to complete an inspection flawlessly and make meaningful notes on their own, live streaming allows a company to have multiple sets of eyes on the video feed to ensure a more thorough inspection. Rather than reading the inspection details in a long written report generated post-inspection, interested parties have the ability to view the actual inspection itself as it’s happening. Plus, while viewing the feed from the drone, third party groups are more engaged and have the ability to ask questions, suggest ideas, and make comments that further increase the value of an inspection and save time and confusion down the road.

Cape live streaming capabilities saves users time and money by reducing the amount of staff needed on-site and enabling real time communication and engagement. Furthermore, this capability enhances the safety of the team by requiring only the minimum resources to be at the site of the inspection.  Want to experience the power of Cape Aerial Telepresence™ yourself? Visit us at or contact us at to speak to a drone expert today!