National Study: Americans Ready to Embrace Drones for Public Safety


A national survey Cape recently conducted of more than 600 U.S. consumers revealed that -- in light of increasing threats -- Americans are more on edge regarding public safety than ever before. Whether it’s attending a sporting event, traveling to a major city, or just checking the mail, community safety is at the top of our minds. Our study, Superheroes in the Sky, shows that increasing public safety concerns are influencing everything from local economies, to travel and tourism, to events and entertainment.

As a result, expectations of law enforcement and first responders are also higher than ever. When it comes to ensuring their safety, the study revealed that while Americans are ready to embrace drones for public safety, they lack the education needed to drive widespread support and adoption in the U.S.

Among the findings:

  • 94% of Americans believe drones have the ability to improve public safety

  • 84% expect local law enforcement agencies and first responders to leverage the best possible technology and tools to ensure their safety

  • 55% admit to knowing very little about drones

  • 84% say better education about impact would make them more comfortable with the use of drones for public safety

Download the full ebook here and check out the complete survey findings.

Nicole Amsler