Spectrum News 13: St. Cloud Police to Test Out New Drone Program

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ST. CLOUD, Florida — The St. Cloud Police Department is trying to step up their game when it comes to security. The agency is testing out a brand new program called ‘Cape.’

The software will be used by the department to search for missing people, in active shooter situations, for fatal car accidents, and to assess the aftermath of a natural disaster.

“It allows us to better formulate a game plan and prepare for what we are getting ready to encounter, (because) a lot of the times we are walking into the unknown, and this at least gives us a bit of insight as to what is going on, on the scene,” said Frankie De La Rosa, a spokesperson for the St. Cloud Police Department.

The St. Cloud Police Department is the only law enforcement agency with drones in Osceola County.

Watch the full video from Spectrum News 13 here

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