8 Steps for Launching a Drone Program For First Responders

As public safety agencies and first responders face more pressure to meet increasing expectations around safety -- often with limited resources -- more and more agencies are turning to drones as a critical tool for protecting both internal teams and the communities they serve.

But for many, one big question remains -- where do I start? If you’re considering a drone program, here’s 8 key steps to consider to set yourself up for maximum success.

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Public SafetyKabe Termes
Superheroes in the Sky - How Drones Are Assisting Public Safety Organizations

As expectations rise, drones are playing a critical part when it comes to keeping communities safe. While drones are driving efficiencies for public safety organizations, they’re also providing a new level of security for citizens. Drones introduce great potential to ease public fears around safety and the ability to considerably impact organizations for the better.

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Public SafetyAlex Weitzel
Video: Chula Vista Police Department Will Use Drones as First Responders

The drones will be available to assist on service calls for 10 hours per day, with plans to increase over time. Drones will be launched from the roof of the CVPD headquarters and will be teleoperated by an officer in the command center to the location of the call, in most cases arriving well ahead of the responding ground units.

“Chula Vista is modeling the future of drone integration in public safety by utilizing drones as first responders” said Chris Rittler, CEO of Cape.

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