Aerial Telepresence™ and Machine Learning

In addition to being an exciting new field of computing that is revolutionizing everything from self-driving cars to voice-operated devices and searching the web, machine learning (ML) is a technology that is ripe for use in drone operation. Cape has gathered data for use in training our own ML models. For example, we’ve trained a model to identify (and locate) cars in an image, and then we “taught” the drone to follow the car with the camera. There are numerous other types of ML models to explore.  We’re just getting started.

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The Power of Live Streaming with Cape Aerial Telepresence™

Cape enables live streaming for drones which customers can access from any location. Learn how you can  live stream drone video for your business.

Live streaming is extremely beneficial in cases that are time sensitive, such as responding to a 911 call. Communication can become increasingly difficult when situations get more critical, even though that’s when clear and timely communication are needed most. With Cape’s live stream software, any officer is able to watch a drone’s high quality, low latency video feed straight from their desk, or even from their mobile device while out on patrol, which puts everyone involved on the same page and allows for more informed and communicative teamwork.

In the case of asset inspection, third party groups are more engaged and have the ability to ask questions, suggest ideas, and make comments while viewing the feed from the drone that further increase the value of an inspection and save time and confusion down the road.

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