Agriculture Drone Services

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The growing use of drones in agriculture

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Farmers continue to be under pressure to reduce operating costs, increase yields, and create greater end-market returns all the while being more environmentally friendly.  The use of drones in agriculture is allowing agriculture to become more productive through technology. There has been significant interest around the expanded use of technology for agriculture applications including big data analytics and cloud storage for data collected from mapping technologies, mobile devices, climate and nutrient sensors, and yield monitoring devices; Cape Aerial Telepresence can help meet these interests. 

Drone Technology in Agriculture

Could drones be the next major leap forward similar to GPS for agriculture? Ag Drones have shown early promise for example in aiding the detection of crop variability via automated drone flights to capture imagery followed by post-processing by sophisticated, cloud-based algorithms. With drones saving farmers time and money there is no limitations to how drone technology use in agriculture will improve the industry.

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Anyone Can Become an Ag Drone Expert with Cape

Prior to Cape drone software, ag drone operation required a drone expert. With Cape anyone can easily integrate drones into daily farm operations. The Cape Drone Telepresence and Data Management (DTDM) system has been proven to deliver real utility to agriculture, the technology is easy to use and provides clear operational efficiencies. Farms can now get real-time video of their crops and livestock like never before. This allows experts to asses property faster than ever before from any location.

Ease of Use

The Cape DTDM makes drone flight so easy that you will feel safe putting the control of the drones in the hands of your existing staff.  Further, the DTDM makes the usage of drones safe by any operator.  This means that your existing team will be able to visually inspect any asset via a drone.  Any drive-to-inspect activity can now be done remotely via drones including checking fence lines, checking water levels, verifying proper application of product, finding lost animals and many more.  The Cape DTDM allows you to automate your routine activities as well.  To get you started, the Cape team will work with your operational team for initial set up and training so that the team will be confident about the safe use of drones.  Finally, the Cape App ensures the safety of your local technician who is supervising the drone flight and performing regular maintenance with an intuitive interface that complements the training from Cape’s team of experts.


Operational Efficiency


Aerial capabilities greatly enhance the productivity of farm personnel for both routine patrols and on-demand response.   Routine inspections with Cape Aerial Telepresence from your main office efficiently identify potential issues which can be used to precisely direct the right staff member to go address the issue.  Reports from your workers in the field can be viewed by the correct expert remotely.  All members of your operation will benefit from the live streaming no matter where they are.  Further with Cape Aerial Telepresence, your supplier’s experts can participate in any inspection of your assets via Cape’s live streaming.  With Cape Aerial Telepresence, your entire field operations team will benefit from more time to do their job and instant access to your experts to efficiently address issues.

Example of Cape Enabled Drones in Agriculture