Cape virtualizes drone hardware. Every day, users with zero training log into Cape’s online cloud platform via their laptops, connect to crash proof physical drones located 1,000s of miles away, and fly the drones safely with ultra low latency controls and high resolution video— without touching any hardware (drones, batteries, transmitters, etc.) whatsoever. Military-grade systems with the same long-distance control capability cost more than $10MM and require 100+ people per unit; the Cape solution is a thousandth of the cost and requires only two people to manage multiple drones. Users around the world flew over 10,000 flights in Q4 2016 alone via Cape's proprietary tech. Enterprise and government customers rely on Cape for use cases such as security and asset inspection; Cape's solution provides massive ROI by allowing an offsite expert to perform complex anomaly detection on a high value asset or sensitive area in real time.

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