The Cape Story

We started Cape because we wanted an effortless way to get video of ourselves and our friends enjoying our favorite activities. In the summer of 2014, we began filming action sports with our autonomous drone tech. For the next two years, we brought our automated drone video service to places all over the world and filmed all kinds of people, including Olympic athletes. In December of 2015, we became the first company in the US to receive permission from the FAA to fly near members of the public, and over a thousand customers at some of the best ski resorts in North America got filmed by our automated drones. The response was amazing from both our customers and our resort partners, and we maintained our perfect safety record.
In April 2016, we became a launch partner for Facebook Live. Thousands of people attending the F8 developer conference and millions more online viewed the live feeds from several of our drones flying in the San Francisco Bay around landmarks like Alcatraz, Fort Mason, and the Golden Gate Bridge.

The real breakthrough, of course, was making it possible to not only view the live feeds of our drones from anywhere in the world, but control them from anywhere as well. Unlocking that capability led to the creation of the Cape online drone flight platform.

We believe that technology should disappear- it should enhance our experiences rather than give us more work. Rather than dealing with the logistics, legality, and expense of owning your own drone, just fly one of ours without even leaving home.

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Our Team

  • 6 grad or PHD dropout engineers (Computer Science, Mechatronics, Aero/Astro)
  • 3 Stanford graduate degree holders
  • 1 Google[x] alumni
  • 3 certified pilots (they fly real planes in addition to drones)
  • 1 former Marine logistics officer
  • 2 very friendly doggies

We have raised over $10M in venture capital from leading investors